I am an iteration

My name is Francisco Inchauste. I am a designer and writer. I'm also: a son, a father, and a husband. This site is an updated reflection of my thinking and growth. It has evolved from a portfolio into a place to post thoughts and essays. This latest iteration is dedicated to my dad who passed away this past year.

Balancing worlds

I've always been interested in that special place between design and technology. Both of them on their own aren't as exciting as when they meet together. I constantly strive to understand and balance both, so that I can create useful and meaningful things for people.

Smashing words

Years ago I was in a job that left me feeling pretty uninspired. Along came Smashing Magazine, which became a resource that fueled my passion for Web design. I was the UX editor there and helped start the section up. It was great collaborating with people so dedicated to educating and inspiring others.

Origin story

A long time ago someone said they would type my name in an email and “F, Inch” would come up and not show the rest of my last name. So she started calling me "Finch." After struggling with the URL for my portfolio I remembered that nickname. I decided it would be a good identity for my design work.

Version five

This site has been through many design versions since 2006. This is version five. I don't keep old versions of my Website around, but there are many screenshots of it floating around the interweb if you're curious. I am most proud of the first version of the site, since before that I had not dared to put my work out there.

Working mind

I am fortunate to work with my friends at Universal Mind creating some of the most truly bleeding edge software with great user experiences. We also work with some of the best and brightest companies out there. Sometimes I almost forget it's actually a "job."