The Design Sickness

It’s that time of year. I start feeling a bit of the shakes and sort of feeling ill. It all begins when I go back and look at my site. It honestly makes me crazy to look at it. I can pick out about five new things I see wrong with it every time I look at it.

Being a designer is sort of a curse in a way, you can never stop looking at the world around in you in terms of color, typography, etc. It gets worse when it’s something that is supposed to be designed like an advertisement or a restaurant menu. It becomes unbearable when you have control over it, like your website.

There are little things I do daily to sort of curb this “design sickness”. There are no shortage of places to find inspiration online. I have grown a bit bored of the millions of galleries and lists of what people deem to be a great site though. Sometimes those are nice, but really diving into design and UX theory does the trick and calms the creative monster inside me.

For my own creative sanity I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to get ahead of things. It’s been about six months since the last redesign for my site. I went ahead and redesigned the blog portion this week. It’s been good to give it some time. I now know how much I am able to post (hopefully more frequent side) so I’ve set up the blog for that. The key is knowing yourself and what you can commit to.

I think that having a creative checkup for personal projects a few times a year is a good thing for designers. Anyone else get the design sickness?